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Virtual Merchant

Your Merchant ID and User ID are assigned when you sign up for the VirtualMerchant service. Sometimes, they are even the same value.

To get your PIN
  1. Login to Virtual Merchant http://www.myvirtualmerchant.com
  2. User Management
  3. Change PIN

It is recommended (not required) that you use the longest PIN Length and choose the "alpha numeric" PIN Format.

Error message 4014 - This account is not permitted to process this transaction type:
  1. Login to the Virtual Merchant gateway
  2. Go under "User"
  3. Click on the "User ID" that you entered into the shopping cart
  4. At the bottom click "edit rights"
  5. enable "credit auth only"
  6. click "update"
Note: Depending on your Virtual Merchant settings and your Type of Transaction Process you may need to enable additional permissions in Virtual Merchant.

Note: Virtual Merchant Support recommends you enter "1111" into your ssl_customer_code if you have customers getting a customer code error. For additional information please contact Virtual Merchant Support.