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B2B/Purchasing Card Level

What is a purchasing card?
Purchasing cards are designed specifically for businesses. Employees throughout an organization may receive individual card accounts and use them to purchase small-dollar goods and services.

What do the different purchasing levels mean?
There are three levels, available on card purchases. Which level the cart uses varies by gateway. Any card-capable supplier can provide Level 1 data.

In general, the data available at each level includes:

Level 1
  • Date
  • Cardholders name, account number
  • Total dollar amount of purchase

Level 2
  • Level 1 data
  • Sales Tax
  • Purchase Order Number

Level 3
  • Level 2 data
  • Freight
  • Duty
  • Ship-to/from postal codes
  • Product code and description
  • Quantity

Note: some merchant accounts may give better per transaction rates for orders processed at higher levels. Contact your merchant provider for information on your transaction rates.