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Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager

To configure the Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager
  1. Open Stone Edge Order Manager
  2. Click on Maintenance Menu
  3. Click on Cart Functions
  4. Click on Create/Edit Shopping Carts
  5. Enter the following information into the fields provided
    • Your store name (make up something meaningful to you)
    • Select the cart type CartManager
      Note: if this cart type is not available please contact Stone Edge Support and have them enable it in your account.
    • Your shopping cart username
    • Your shopping cart password
    • The following Script URL:
    • Click "Test Script URL" to ensure you enter the URL properly

Once properly configured you can import into Stone Edge
  1. Open Stone Edge Order Manager
  2. Click on Import Orders
  3. Select the store name you created above
  4. Click on Import via Internet