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McAfee SECURE™ contacted us with a "Shopping Cart Potentially Vulnerable to Price Modification" vulnerability

Before you enable the features you should make certain you have entered all your product data into our inventory database. Any products not entered into the database will be rejected.

You can enter product information here:
  1. Login
  2. Extra Features
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Add A New Product

Once your data entry has been completed:
  1. Login
  2. Extra Features
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Secure Product Information Using Inventory Control
    Set this to "Full"
  5. Do Not Allow Purchase Of Products Not Listed In Inventory Control
    Make sure the box is checked.

After making these changes we recommend you shop around on your store and click your "Add To Cart" buttons to make sure they still function properly. If the button takes you into the shopping cart then everything is working. However, if you receive an error message then double check the inventory control database to ensure that product was properly entered.

Testing good products:
  1. Open your web browser and navigate to your store
  2. Shop around, adding several items to your shopping basket
  3. If all your products successfully add to your shopping basket then you have properly configured your cart to secure your product information

Note: Once you have made the changes above you can login to your McAfee system and mark the vulnerability as a "false positive."